Applying Recent Advances in Proof Theory to Specification and Reasoning

The RAPT project was an INRIA Associated Team (Equipe Associée) that ran during 2011–2013.


Many aspects of computation systems, ranging from operational semantics, interaction, and various forms of static analysis, are commonly specified using inference rules, which themselves are formalized as theories in a logical framework. While such a use of logic can yield sophisticated, compact, and elegant specifications, formal reasoning about these logic specifications presents a number of difficulties. The RAPT project will address the problem of reasoning about logic specifications by bringing together three different research teams, combining their backgrounds in type theory, proof theory, and the building of computational logic systems. We plan to develop new methods for specifying computation that allow for a range of specification logics (eg, intuitionistic, linear, ordered) as well as new means to reason inductively and co-inductively with such specifications. New implementations of reasoning systems are planned that use interactive techniques for deep meta-theoretic reasoning and fully automated procedures for a range of useful theorems.



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